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Fire and Life Safety

  1. Our Fire and Life Safety team’s mandate includes everything related to our fire prevention strategies, floor warden programs and building evacuation plans.  The following fire and life safety tips should be read and understood by all:
  2. Do you know your exit routes? You should know the way to two exits from your work area.
  3. Ensure exits are not blocked. Furniture, boxes, and other items should not be blocking access to the exit doors.
  4. Always remained focused during an evacuation. If you have to evacuate your floor, do not become distracted by cell phones and PDAs. Stay focused on safely walking down the stairs.
  5. Stay to the right when using the stairs. People who are evacuating should stay to the right side of the stairway, so that building and emergency personnel can move on the left side.
  6. Do you know the building emergency numbers? You can obtain handy stickers with building emergency numbers by calling the the Fire & Life Safety Supervisor at 416.364.7321
  7. Do you know your floor warden? Floor wardens are co-workers who volunteer to assist occupants during an evacuation. You should follow their instructions during an emergency.
  8. Do you know what the fire alarm sounds like? The fast beeping tone means you should evacuate immediately. The slow beeping tone means there is an alarm in the building, but it is not affecting your floor at this time so you can remain where you are.
  9. Do you know what to do in case of emergency? Commerce Court Property Management has a fire and life safety video on its website. 
  10. Do you know what to do in case of an emergency? You can receive a handy information pamphlet on what to do during any emergency by calling the Fire & Life Safety Supervisor at 416.364.7321.
  11. Is your workplace fire safe? Make sure that you avoid unnecessary accumulations of combustible material like cardboard and paper, and flammable liquids like oil and paint.
  12. Is your work station fire safe? Make sure that you do not overload extension cords and power bars, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  13. Are you prepared? Every organization should have an up-to-date business continuity plan.
  14. Do you need assistance to evacuate? If you are unable to evacuate to the street via the stairs, there are special procedures in place for you. Contact the Fire & Life Safety   Supervisor at 416.364.7321.
  15. Watch your step! When evacuating during an emergency, take off your high-heeled shoes to prevent slipping and falling.
  16. Don't weigh yourself down. During an evacuation you should leave behind laptops, briefcases and other heavy items. They will weigh you down and slow you down.
  17. Don't block equipment. Do not place anything in front of fire hose cabinets and extinguishers as they have to be accessible at all times.
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