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Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)


The commercial building sector in Canada is estimated to account for 12% of Canada’s GHG emissions.[1] GHGs absorb solar radiation, causing the greenhouse effect – a natural phenomenon that allows life on earth to exist. Climate Change is the result of an accelerated greenhouse gas effect causing abnormal global warming.


Emissions Management and Reporting

Energy , water, and waste related operations are the main contributors to Commerce Court’s GHG emissions. By increasing operational efficiencies that reduce energy, water and waste, the Complex’s GHG footprint is minimized. GHG emissions are tracked and reported on an annual basis in our Sustainability Scorecard. To view the annual Sustainability Scorecard, click here.


Transportation is responsible for about 25% of Canada’s GHGs. Sustainable transportation options and efforts at Commerce Court include:


  1. Commute by transit, bike or walk when possible. Commit to make clean transportation choices at home
  2. Reduce your footprint at work and home by reducing your electricity use. To view the Resources section for specific energy-related tips, click here
  3. Eat less meat: global meat production is one of the primary sources of GHGs. To learn about Meatless Monday movement, click here
  4. Support the circular economy by reusing items and/or purchasing reused goods to reduce waste and give a second life to gently used products
  5. Plant a  tree. Trees and other vegetation is known as a ‘carbon sink’ helping to absorb CO2 in the atmosphere


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